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Dino Sleeping Pillow Plush Toy

Dino Sleeping Pillow Plush Toy

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Make bedtime fun with the Dino Sleeping Pillow Plush Toy! This 25cm dinosaur-shaped weighted plush toy is perfect for kids looking to have a more exciting way to drift off into dreamland. Crafted from soft, plush material and filled with a BPA-Free premium cotton core, it has all the qualities of a comfort toy children can safely snuggle with and fall asleep. The Dinosaur is also great as a decorative item, bringing an extra element of fun and playfulness to your room or playroom. In addition to its enjoyable look, the Dino Sleeping Pillow Plush Toy provides some therapeutic benefits. Many special needs experts agree that weighted items like this one can help reduce stress and anxiety in both children and adults while providing tactile stimulation. So if you’re considering a sleeper pillow for yourself or your child, why not opt for something that looks this good combined with amazing therapeutic effects? Get your Dino Sleeping Pillow Plush Toy today and enjoy good nights of restful sleep.




Material: Soft plush and pp cotton.
Size: About 25cm
Package: 1 piece in one opp bag.

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